About Us

NamasteStar of India has been serving Fort Collins for years. We are proud of our richly-varied menu of fresh, natural ingredients and flavorful spices at affordable prices. Each dish is prepared in our kitchens with extreme care to ensure you consistently good quality. After may successful years, we have relocated to Harvard St. in the heart of Fort Collins to serve you better. We provide a warm and romantic setting for a truly Indian dinning experience.
Since 1997, Star of India has been consistently rated among the top restaurants in Fort Collins. Our extensive menu also includes a variety of delicious vegetarian dishes. Don’t forget about our mid-day buffet for those who are really hungry. We also have years of experience in catering for various events. Please contact us for any information regarding our menu, catering or any other questions you may have at 970-225-1740.


About the Star of India ship

The Star of India was the name of trading ship the sailed old trade routes between England and India. Originally commissioned as the The Euterpe it was later named the Star of India. As a trader of Indian goods and textiles, the Star of India was responsible for bringing traditional spices and the exotic flavors of India to a discerning culinary class in England and throughout Europe. Through the voyages of the Star of India and trading ships like her, the rich traditional flavors of India was made more accessible to a wider audience. Now western culture has become intertwined with the flavorful history of India.

starofindiaThe Star of India was a windjammer built in 1863 and still sails the ocean to this day. After a century of sailing the high seas and being around the world twenty-one times the ship has been through a mutiny, a near sinking, being frozen in ice, and other grand adventures. The Star of India survived with an enduring spirit and a sense of pride. She is now a seaworthy museum ship ported at the San Diego Maritime Museum in San Diego, California in the United States.

You can find that same sense of pride and enduring spirit at the Star of India restaurant in Fort Collins, Colorado. We are happy to bring you the variety of spices, flavors, and traditional dishes from India.